PHS Cross Country – 2019

Friday, September 06, 2019

Canal Bank – Ronan


Team Scores: Ronan 45, Polson 57, Frenchtown 79, St. Ignatius 89, Deer Lodge 137.

Top 10: Normandeau, James, Ronan, 16:43.21; Schmautz, Tyler, French, 16:48.56; Sloan, Mason, Polson, 16:55.87; Heiner, Brant, Ronan, 17:12.61; Hansen, Jakob, French, 18:25.91; O’Brien, Colton, French, 18:27.40; Nasewytewa, Isaiah, St. Ignatius, 18:29.78; Thompson, Aidan, Deer Lodge, 18:31.96; Irvine, Michael, Ronan, 18:33.61; Couture, Zarec, Ronan, 18:48.60.


Team scores: Frenchtown 26, Polson 45, Ronan 93, Deer Lodge 127. St. Ignatius no team score.

Top 10: Sherwood, Abigail, French, 21:10.05; Owens, Karli, Polson, 22:09.51; Bagnell, Claire, French, 22:19.18; Buck, Karolyna, St. Ignatius, 22:32.94; Channer, Olivia F. Town 22:55.93; Glessner, Marley, French, 23:27.94; Seeley, Gwen, Polson, 23:33.41; Rebich, Faith, French, 23:35.77; Wagner, Ashtyn, Polson, 23:36.22; Shoemaker, River, Polson, 23:40.25.

Lady Pirates top Mission Inviational, Pirate boys second.

In the Mission Invitational at St. Ignatius, Ronan won the boys’ team competition and Polson took the girls’ title. James Normandeau of Ronan won the 5,000-meter boys race in 16:43.09. Josey Neesvig of Thompson Falls won the 5,000 girls event in 21:12.54.

At St. Ignatius


5,000 meters


Team results: Ronan 31, Polson 47. St lgnatius 59. Thompson Falls 93.

Top 10 finishers: James Normandeau, Ronan. 16:43.09; Mason Sloan, Polson, 16:49.11; Brant Heiner, Ronan. 17:09.21; Justin Morgan. TF. 18:09.06; Zarec Courure. Ronan. 18:25.87; Michael Irvine. Ronan, 18:30.87; Isaiah Nasewvtewa. STI, 18:36.56; Zoran LaFrombois. STI, 18:43.24; Anthony charlo, Two Eagle 18:56.28; Isaac Stene, Polson. 19:06.28.


Team results: Polson 24, Thompson Falls 53, Ronan 58, Arlee 90.

Top 10 finishers: Josey Neesvig, TF. 21:12.54; Karll owens. Polson. 21:29.72; Hannah Ayers, Seeley. 21:56.00; Karolyna Buck, Sl. 22:13.82; Kyla Conley, Seeley, 22:30.00; Gracie Lang, Darbv. 22:32.12; Halle Heninger, Polson, 22:55.56; Gwen Seeley, Polson. 22:55.62; River Shoemaker, Polson, 23:06.57; Sierra Hanks. TF, 23:37.57.

Friday, Saturday September 13-14, 2019

Highlander Invitational Results

Shadle Park, Spokane, WA

Girls Combined (JV) Race (236 entries) team scores: 6, Polson 107 


11, Karli Owens, Polson, 16:59.11; 27, Gwen Seeley, Polson, 17:47.17; 28, Halle Heninger, Polson, 17:47.50; 43, River Shoemake, Polson, 18:29.09; 90, Ashtyn Wagner, Polson, 19:41.79; 107, Julia Reiners, Polson, 20:04.20; 136, Paige Mergenthaler, Polson, 21:06.53; 167, Elisabeth Bjorge, Polson, 22:17.86.Freshman Boys (225 entries) 65, Drifter Skillicorn, Polson, 16:02.40 Sophomore boys (223 entries) 50, Ryan Dupuis, Polson, 15:03.50; 58, Kellen Norman, Polson, 15:14.49.

Junior boys (212 entries) 8, Mason Sloan, Polson, 13:29.21; 114, Sean Stewart, Polson, 16:14.71.

Senior boys (176 entries) 64, Isaac Stene, Polson, 15:01.53; 65, Kasen Heninger, Polson 15:01.99; 112, Andrew Reed, Polson, 16:18.80.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Whitefish Invitational

at Whitefish Lake Golf Course

The Whitefish girls and Columbia Falls boys both walked away with team victories at the Whitefish Invite on Tuesday at the Whitefish Lake Golf Course. Lara Erickson of Columbia Falls was the individual winner with a time of 20 minutes, 33.57 seconds. Jessica Henson and Paetra Cooke of Whitefish rounded out the top three. 

Ronan’s James Normandeau took the victory in the boys race with a time of 16:51.94. Aidan Jarvis of Columbia Falls and Mason Sloan of Polson each took second and third, respectively. Eureka’s boys finished second as a team while Ronan was third. 

Girls Team results: 1, Whitefish, 34; 2, Columbia Falls, 59; 3, Selkirk (WA), 69; 4, Polson, 80; 5, Browning, 99; 6, Eureka, 144; 7, Ronan, 164. 

Top 25 individuals: 1, Lara Erickson, Columbia Falls, 20:33.57; 2, Jessica Henson, Whitefish, 21:15.14; 3, Paetra Cooke, Whitefish, 21:32.60; 4, Karli Owens, 21:38.65; 5, Marielle Ackermann, Selkirk (WA), 21:38.77; 6, Haley Redhorn, Browning, 21:38.81; 7, Josephine Vardell, Whitefish, 21:47.91; 8, Alie Simpson, Whitefish, 21:55.35; 9, Darah Clarke, Selkirk (WA), 22:12.98; 10, Vandree Old Person, Browning, 22:25.99; 11, Quinn Morgan, Selkirk (WA), 22:28.01; 12, Rebekah Walker, Columbia Falls, 22:37.47; 13, Alyssa Blankenship, Columbia Falls, 22:48.29; 14, Maylani Horton, Whitefish, 22:52.44; 15, Azlyn Caldwell, Columbia Falls, 22:52.89; 16, Halle Heninger, Polson, 22:57.54; 17, Gwen Seeley, Polson, 23:00.88; 18, Katerina Riegelova, Columbia Falls, 23:05.99; 19, Sydney Wilson, Selkirk (WA), 23:08.40; 20, Ellie Baxter, Thompson Falls, 23:21.41; 21, Ashtyn Wagner, Polson, 23:22.43; 22, Maya Carvey, Eureka, 23:31.40; 23, Kiara Iron Heart, Browning, 23:40.11; 24, River Shoemake, Polson, 23:40.75; 25, Courtney Hoerner, Columbia Falls, 23:55.52. 

Boys Team results: 1, Columbia Falls, 32; 2, Eureka, 85; 3, Ronan, 88; 4, Polson, 102; 5, Whitefish, 103; 6, Browning, 143; 7, St. Ignatius, 189; 8, Cut Bank, 207; 9, Libby, 223; 10, Two Eagle River, 294. 

Top 25 individuals: 1, James Normandeau, Ronan, 16:51.94; 2, Aidan Jarvis, Columbia Falls, 17:07.81; 3, Mason Sloan, Polson, 17:09.04; 4, Joe Lamb, Columbia Falls, 17:13.73; 5, Brant Heiner, Ronan, 17:20.79; 6, James Role, Columbia Falls, 17:39.34; 7, James Petersen, Columbia Falls, 17:42.85; 8, Gavin Bates, Eureka, 17:46.33; 9, Miles Vrentas, Whitefish, 17:48.43; 10, Jeremy Bockus, Browning, 17:52.52; 11, Isaac Reynolds, Eureka, 17:53.91; 12, John Cheroske, Libby, 17:58.72; 13, Seth Umbriaco, Columbia Falls, 17:58.76; 14, Michael Irvine, Ronan, 18:12.13; 15, Alex Lowe, Eureka, 18:25.65; 16, Isaiah Nasewytewa, St. Ignatius, 18:28.60; 17, Kellen Norman, Polson, 18:35.21; 18, Bridger Gaertner, Whitefish, 18:36.86; 19, Henry Cooke, Eureka, 18:37.02; 20, Isaac Stene, Polson, 18:39.32; 21, Jacob Bailey, Whitefish, 18:39.52; 22, Justin Burd, Browning, 18:46.95; 23, Bailey Sjostrom, Columbia Falls, 18:48.43; 24, Zoran LaFrombois, St. Ignatius, 18:51.86; 25, Ryan Dupuis, Polson, 18:52.12.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Spokane’s Wil Smith, Helena’s Kylie Hartnett win Mountain West Classic; Bozeman sweeps team titles

MISSOULA — Saturday’s Mountain West Classic cross country meet was a little more sweet for Wil Smith. 

The senior from Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane was competing for the fourth time in one of the largest high school cross country meets in the Northwest. Last year he came oh so close to winning but ended up in second behind Kalispell Flathead grad and current Montana State competitor Ben Perrin. 

On a blustery Saturday afternoon though, it was Smith who was alone in crossing the finish line first at the University of Montana Golf Course. He won with a time of 15 minutes, 35.36 seconds as cold winds made for an interesting race as the state braces for the incoming snow. 

“I think it’s exciting. After the race last year, I was definitely thinking about coming back and winning,” Smith said. “It’s my fourth time running it so it means a lot to come here and win. It’s a team tradition to come here.”

Smith didn’t mess around as he took a quick lead in the race and never looked back. He finished ahead of Jacob Easton of University, who took second at 15:47.82. Jonas Bears of Gonzaga Prep was third.

“In the start I went out a little bit slower than I thought so I kind of got antsy and went for it and found myself alone,” Smith said. “A lot of that is experience and running a ton of races and learning how to run tough. Just have to keep pushing on the gas. If you let yourself relax mentally, you’re going to start slowing down, so a lot of that comes from experience and being in those positions before.”

The time wasn’t a personal best for Smith, who said his is 15 minutes, 18 seconds. He said he’s currently fielding the possibility of running at three schools in college — Notre Dame, Gonzaga and Boise State — but that is something he’ll focus on when his senior season concludes. 

Kalispell Glacier senior Simon Hill and Missoula Hellgate senior Ian Curtis were the first two Montanans across the finish line at fourth and fifth respectively. Hill finished in 16:03.58 while Curtis was just behind him at 16:03.82. 

Curtis and Hill were chatting together not long after the race where they were going over the race and complimenting one another on their performances. 

“I really think it was a tough race out there and was really windy, but running with the great competition that we have in this state really makes the competitive running a good experience,” Hill, the younger brother former Glacier standout and current Colorado runner Annie Hill, said. “Being out there and running with those guys and guys from out of state really push you through.

“Given the conditions, we really ran an awesome race. Having those type of people out there to push you along and as a senior, you’ve ran with each other for four years, and to be able to still be with each other at this point in your high school career, it’s just an awesome way to say thank you to all of your competitors.”

Hill took ninth last year at Mountain West while Curtis was 36th, so both improved from their junior seasons. 

Curtis has been spearheading a Hellgate boys team that has gone back and fourth with Bozeman all year. According to Hellgate cross country coach Anders Brooker, Hellgate’s win over Bozeman in Bozeman two weeks ago was the first time a Montana team had beaten the Hawks in a meet since 2012. The Hawks are the 11-time defending Class AA state champions, so the state meet on Oct. 26 in Great Falls should be a fun one. 

“The team’s been racing really well. I’m very happy with where we are as a team,” Curtis said. “We definitely have more room to improve but I’m really happy with how we’re racing and it’s always fun to come back each week and see how we stack up against all of the other teams.”

Hartnett shines

Helena High sophomore Kylie Hartnett wasted little time separating herself from the competition on Saturday. 

After placing eighth last year as a freshman at Mountain West, Hartnett took the individual win with a time of 18:08.80. Similar to Smith, she outpaced the competition early and was on cruise control as she won by over 20 seconds. 

“That was a lot of fun and I really pushed it so I decided to just go for it,” Hartnett said. “I was really hoping to get (a personal best) and I didn’t and that’s ok. I’m glad I won.

“I felt pretty good. I just kind of went for it and pushed myself so I could try to claim first place. You have to mentally push yourself to keep going your pace and not slow down.”

Hartnett said her goal was to get a new personal best, with her current sitting at 17:57. And as the second half of the season is officially underway, Hartnett has a goal in mind as the state meet nears. 

“I’m hoping to win state. (Former Billings Senior standout) Tiahna (Vladic) won last year and she just kept winning meets,” Hartnett said. “Just trying to follow in her footsteps.”

Senior’s Elena Vandersloot, a senior, finished in second while Hellgate junior Sage Brooks took third. Bozeman senior Alex Moore and Hellgate junior Abby Kendrick rounded out the top five. 

Bozeman sweeps

Though Hellgate’s boys beat them on their home turf, the Bozeman boys returned the favor in Hellgate’s backyard as them and the Hawk girls walked away with the teams titles on Saturday. 

Bozeman’s boys were led by senior Griffin May who took eighth. Using pack running, the Hawks finishers also came across in 12th, 13th, 18th and 19th, for the win. All of Bozeman’s runners were given points one place higher as the second-place overall finisher ran for a team that did not have five varsity runners. 

“As a team we ran really well and we’re happy with it. I think at the start of the season we had some ups and downs at previous meets,” fourth-year Bozeman coach Casey Jermyn, a Plains native, said. “It’s really nice to kind of pull together collectively as a team. Both the boys and girls really ran an outstanding race top to bottom. It was just collectively running well.”

Hellgate’s boys were second as a team while Lewis and Clark finished in third. 

On the girls side, Moore’s fourth-place finish paced the Hawks who dominated the race. All five placers were in the top 11, with junior Natalie McCormick (seventh), senior Terra Trom (eighth), freshman Lucia McCormick (10th) and junior Grace Gilbreth (11th) rounding out the group. 

“This is an important race, it’s the biggest cross country meet in Montana,” Jermyn said. “Everyone’s here. We really like this meet. We always get a little excited coming into this one and our kids love the course, they do a great job setting up, and it’s an awesome atmosphere. We definitely ratchet up the excitement level for this one.

“Hellgate is a great team and we know it’s going to be a battle. State’s going to be exciting.”

Hellgate also finished in second while Post Falls (Idaho) came in third as a team. 


Mountain West Classic

University of Montana Golf Course


at Missoula


Top 10 teams: 1, Bozeman, 65; 2, Hellgate, 94; 3, Lewis and Clark (WA), 149; 4, Central Valley (WA), 154; 5, Gonzaga Prep (WA), 167; 6, Sentinel, 257; 7, Helena, 276; 8, Billings Senior, 317; 9, Glacier, 342; 10, Lewistown, 363. 

Top 30 individuals: 1, Wil Smith, Lewis and Clark (WA), 15:35.36; 2, Jacob Easton, University, 15:47.82; 3, Jonas Bears, Gonzaga Prep (WA), 15:56.03; 4, Simon Hill, Glacier, 16:03.58; 5, Ian Curtis, Hellgate, 16:03.82; 6, Sam Fulbright, Lewistown, 16:08.49; 7, Tyler Hunter, Central Valley (WA), 16:09.19; 8, Griffin May, Bozeman, 16:11.92; 9, Owen Smith, Billings Senior, 16:17.00; 10, Ignatius Fitzgerald, Hellgate, 16:19.09; 11, Lukas Horejsi, Hellgate, 16:19.31; 12, Xander Danenhauer, Bozeman, 16:19.49; 13, Stirling Marshall-Pryde, Bozeman, 16:23.02; 14, Caleb Hornung, Billings West, 16:23.32; 15, Xander Thompson, Century (ID), 16:24.60; 16, Jesse Dimich-Louvet, Billings Senior, 16:26.38; 17, Patrick North, Lewis and Clark, 16:27.46; 18, William Hodgson, Bozeman, 16:30.44; 19, Seth Wyatt, Bozeman, 16:32.36; 20, Caleb Kartchner, Central Valley (WA), 16:35.12; 21, Sam Anderson, Gonzaga Prep (WA), 16:35.90; 22, Justin Stirpe, Joel Ferris (WA), 16:36.89; 23, Jonathan Wheeler, Bozeman, 16:36.89; 24, Mckay Hunter, Sentinel, 16:37.08; 25, Dylan Wichman, Billings Central, 16:40.75; 26, Danny Maxwell, Lewis and Clark, 16:42.22; 27, Alex Wright, Central Valley (WA), 16:44.32; 28, Finn Bentler, Billings Senior, 16:44.63; 29, Ben Morrison, Manhattan Christian, 16:45.74; 30, Jonah Fisher, Helena, 16:47.88. 


Top 10 teams: 1, Bozeman, 40; 2, Hellgate, 78; 3, Post Falls (ID), 125; 4, Lewis and Clark (WA), 127; 5, Helena, 138; 6, Central Valley (WA), 197; 7, Flathead, 246; 8, Sentinel, 277; 9, Billings West, 327; 10, Joel Ferris (WA), 348. 

Top 30 individuals: 1, Kylie Hartnett, Helena, 18:08.80; 2, Elena Vandersloot, Billings Senior, 18:32.80; 3, Sage Brooks, Hellgate, 18:39.65; 4, Alex Moore, Bozeman, 18:47.35; 5, Abby Kendrick, Hellgate, 18:47.54; 6, Sydney Shanahan, Post Falls (ID), 18:53.80; 7, Natalie McCormick, Bozeman, 18:59.36; 8, Terra Trom, Bozeman, 18:59.36; 9, Samantha Wood, Post Falls (ID), 19:03.85; 10, Lucia McCormick, Bozeman, 19:07.88; 11, Grace Gilbreth, Bozeman, 19:16.03; 12, Brynnli Poulsen, Hamilton, 19:19.61; 13, Alli Keith, Billings West, 19:20.92; 14, Riley Moore, Bozeman, 19:25.62; 15, Bailey Shanahan, Post Falls (ID), 19:39.83; 16, Alice Groza, Lewis and Clark (WA), 19:50.32; 17, Aayiana Fuller, University, 19:52.99; 18, Ila Davis, Lewis and Clark (WA), 19:55.22; 19, Halle Caviness, Joel Ferris (WA), 19:55.54; 20, Sabrina Bryant, Hellgate, 19:55.57; 21, Kylee Shakespeare, Central Valley (WA), 19:55.60; 22, Hailey Nielson, Butte, 19:57.66; 23, Brooke Stayner, Sentinel, 19:58.57; 24, Odessa Zentz, Helena, 19:58.57; 25, Izzy Munro, Hellgate, 19:58.86; 26, Rylie Schoenfeld, Helena, 19:58.86; 27, Emma Stolte, Townsend, 20:02.57; 28, Angelyca Chapman, Lake City (ID), 20:03.52; 29, Naomi Butler, Lewis and Clark, 20:08.59; 30, Kynsie Schmidt, Great Falls CMR, 20:09.08.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Mission Duels

At Silver Fox Golf Course

James Normandeau of Ronan took top honors in the boys race at the Mission Duels at Silver Fox Golf Course. He posted a time of 16:20. Brynnli Poulsen of Hamilton won the girls race in 19:02.

Girls top 10

Brynnli Poulsen, HAMI, 19:02; Madalen Shipman, BECO, 19:46; Lara Erickson, COFA, 20:21; Kelle Mosher, BECO, 20:31; Analeta Yellow Bird, RON, 20:52; Katlyn Potter, STEV, 20:54; Hannah Sempf, HAMI, 20:56; Sarah Passey, HAMI, 21:15; Claire Bagnell, FREN, 21:26; Josey Neesvig, TFHS, 21:27.

Boys top 10

James Normandeau, RON, 16:20; Tyler Schmautz, FREN, 16:26; Aidan Jarvis, COFA, 16:43; Brant Heiner, RON; 16:59; Colter Kirkland, HAMI, 17:03; Ben Steadman, BECO, 17:04; James Role, COFA; 17:09; Joe Lamb, COFA, 17:14; Seth Umbriaco, COFA, 17:19; Michael Irvine, RON, 17:23.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Western A Divisional

At Hamilton Golf Club


Team scores: Columbia Falls 51, Hamilton 93, Corvallis 93, Ronan 95, Whitefish 128, Polson 164, Frenchtown 169, Browning 177, Dillon 194, Libby 285, Stevensville 326.

Top 10 individuals: Colter Kirkland, HAMI, 16:45.55; James Normandeau, RON, 16:45.71; Tyler Schmautz, FREN, 16:52.76; Mason Sloan, POLS, 16:57.85; Aidan Jarvis, COFA, 17:00.97; Will Flowers, CORV, 17:09.01; Brant Heiner, RON, 17:13.44; Michael Irvine, RON, 17:16.35; James Role, COFA, 17:16.82; James Petersen, COFA, 17:18.96.


Team scores: Corvallis 53, Whitefish 68, Hamilton 121, Columbia Falls 121, Frenchtown 125, Dillon 137, Polson 152, Ronan 185, Browning 185.

Top 10 individuals: Brynnli Poulsen, HAMI, 18:53.86; Madalen Shipman, DILL, 20:10.19; Josephine Vardell, WHIT, 20:26.91; Lara Erickson, COFA, 20:37.94; Katie Gleason, CORV, 20:44.57; Jessica Henson, WHIT, 20:49.96; Rose Day, CORV, 20:56.22; Olivia Buoy, CORV, 20:58.77; Analeta Yellow Bird, RON, 21:12.74; Vandree Old Person, BROW, 1:14.48.